Dawat Party hall in Kanpur Images

Party Hall-1

We have a program of 70 to 80 people in Hall-1 where you can do your program very well In which we give you everything from stage decoration to snacks and food In Hall-1, you can do small functions of your house very well without any tension.

Party Hall-2

In our hall-2, you can do the biggest program of your house, in this hall you can program 150 to 180 people And the beauty of this hall is worth seeing, it is very beautiful stage and in this also we give you everything from the hall to food and snacks.

Dawat Party Hall images

Party hall in Kanpur
Party Hall in Kanpur
Party Hall in Kanpur
Party Hall in Kanpur

Why Best Party Hall in Kanpur?

The hall here is the best because today’s generation should eat furniture in a new way like the new era And in our place you will find all things of new age by which the young generation is impressed and they like it very much.